What Is A House Valuations Adelaide Real Estate Expert?

Unlike some real estate professionals who are content to estimate a property with a wet finger, the real estate expert has tools allowing him to establish the value of a property from impartial and rigorous methods. .

Rigorously determine the value of a property at a given time, this is the mission of the real estate expert. Impartial, the real estate expert is bound by professional secrecy.

Recognized and experienced professional, the House Valuations Adelaide real estate expert is often asked to determine the right price of a property. He generally intervenes upstream of the sale to help the owner set the sale price. It can also be requested in the context of an inheritance, a gift-sharing or even a divorce to define the value of a property. 

In all cases, the real estate expert draws up an expert report, which can, if necessary, be produced with the tax services or in court. This report engages its civil and criminal liability.

Today more than ever, to sell under good conditions, that is to say within a reasonable time and at the right price, it is necessary to offer a price that fits perfectly with the market and the expectations of the candidates for acquisition. 



Only a real estate expert, able to determine the value of a property, can help you set the “right” selling price from the outset. At the same time lawyer, tax expert, town planner and specialist in the pathology of the building…

The real estate expert combines several approaches (rental value, market value, etc.) to better understand the value of the property that he must appraise. His goal ? Determine precisely and in detail the price of an apartment, a house, land or any other property intended for sale or rental.